Thursday, April 1, 2010

Imperfect but Sent with Love

These are the last eggs to get put in the mail. Mackenzie's, I like, but the varish did do drippy things to it here and there.

Poor little Colbin's egg was done 4 times and honestly probably should have been done 5 times. If one of his didn't fall on the floor and shatter, then it shattered when I was removing the wax.

Or it broke when I was inserting the hanger. Or the color went wonky. And the weird thing was that Colbin's egg was the simplest of all the designs I did for the kids. Even this morning, after I spray varnished it one last time, it hit the floor. I had to glue the top a wee bit. ...........sigh.

But they are all in the mail and I did them all with heart.


Heleen said...

They look perfect!

Julie said...

Something like this happened to me yesterday! I kept dropping the same item all day long...I thought maybe something was trying to tell me something...but I ignored that something and went on going about my business! You got Colbins egg in the mail and it turned out so cute!!! Persistance pays, yeah!!!

LDH said...

Nothing more beautiful than something done with the heart! The eggs look absolutely beautiful in each photo!

Sending very Happy Easter wishes to a talented lady!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

The eggs are just gorgeous. You are so talented. I'm enjoying your blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm about 45 miles southwest of Richmond in Nottoway County. We're between the coast and the mountains.

Have a nice Easter!

julia said...

Sooooo pretty!