Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Snips Before the Egg-a-Rama

I've been enjoying snipping bookmarks.  These are heading to the post office tomorrow; gifts for some long distance friends.  Snipping a piece that has a purpose feels more satisfying than snipping something that I will stick in a book or file and then likely forget. 

What's been calling my name lately though has been pysanky.  With Easter just a few weeks away, it seems like a good time to pull out all the egg decorating supplies again.

Last year I seemingly made sport of spending hours decorating eggs and then finding creative ways to (unintentionally) break them.  At least I did take pictures of many of them.  Here's a walk down pysanky memory lane.


Julie said...

Oh, WOW!!! I can't believe you do these eggs! What a you have the max thing a ma gig??? I am ultra excited to see you do this! Do you have a video on it??? That would be cool.

I know what you mean about making something that will have a good use...I am thinking more about that as time goes on.

Nela said...

Gorgeous bookmarks and fabulous eggs :D

SCB said...

Wow, is it really a year since you started doing your eggs? They're brilliant: I'm envious of your lucky friends! Sara x

LDH said...

I do remember your egg mishaps... I hope you will be egg-tremely careful this year! The art of pysanky is amazing. I have never tried the process but have always admired their beautiful detail and colors.

Looking forward to seeing your results!

sallgood said...

Your bookmarks are wonderful- and your eggs are too! (I have this conversation with myself regularly about functionality and art's place in the world! It is nice when both sides come together, isn't it?)