Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap and Red-dy

Being cheap just doesn't pay sometimes. Some of my egg dyes are leftovers from last year. Some work fine. Some, not so fine. At $.95 a pack, I have learned that it isn't worth trying to be cheap and use old dye. Splotchy and thin, that old dye ruined three eggs and wasted hours of my work.

A buck later, here's an egg dyed with the new dye. Ta Da! Even, bright color. I'm happy.

I'm now trying to make eggs for my younger neices and nephews as well as my Granddaughter's cousins out in L.A.

Poor Eddie's first egg was one hot mess. Over done. Really horribly lettered. Weak dye.

This one may go a bit too far in the direction of being understated, but at my skill level I think that less is definitely more.


sallgood said...

I love this one too!

(I know what you mean about cheap not always being the best way to go... but isn't it great when cheap DOES work out?!?!)

ZenCrafter said...

I love the elegant designs. I think it takes a lot of skill to pare a design down to its essentials, and you've done that really well here.