Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brain Works

You have GOT to take a gander at this one. I posted a link to my brother's blog a few weeks ago. This photo on his blog leaves me speechless. Jay's invention.

I love how that boy's brain works.

Take a look at this invention of mine. He's more of an inventor than I, but both of us like to figure out how to make things "better." Jan's invention.


Julie said...

Like brother, like sister!!! You two are awesome with your way of inventing stuff!!! Ultra cool! I must say your bro's IPOD holder for movie watching really was genius!!!

Julie said...

BTW, Jan...I left you a comment on my blog about the name of the succulent at the top of my blog. It is called Kalenchoe tormentosa...commonly named Chocolate Soldier or Panda Plant. They are a really neat looking plant with that fuzzy grey/blue/green, with the brown leaf markings. One of my favorites!