Sunday, December 13, 2009


I get so excited over the things I see in other people's blogs that it makes me all inspired to try them too. I got all jazzed about pysanky when I saw Valerie do it. When Miriam did freezer paper printing, I had to do it too. Then last week when I saw little Bea knitting, I decided that maybe I could give knitting a try.

I created my own knitting tower and then bought a bonafide real one. It was so easy that I thought it might not be a huge leap to real knitting. At the craft store yesterday I partied! It was so fun looking at all the knitting goodies Seven skeins of yarn and three sets of knitting needles came home with me. Oh, and a book about knitting for preteens.

Upon reflection, I probably should have bought the kit made for 6 year olds. That might have been more my level. All I really want to achieve is the ability to make a tidy dish cloth and a muffler.......winter scarf. M mentioned, well, pleaded actually, that he doesn't need any vests or sweaters.

Well, I learned the knitting part pretty quickly. YouTube has some helpful videos. My problem is neatness. I have knitted and unknitted the same length of yarn innumerable times in the last 24 hours. Why I'm not getting even stitches, I am not sure. I don't mind practicing time and time again, but I wish I knew what it was that I needed to correct. I just keep making the same messy mistakes over and over again.

This is my best one so far:

Hehehehe......Does everyone's first day of knitting look like this or am I just special?

I have had fun with it none-the-less. Last night I woke up at 4:00 am to the sound of ice hitting the roof. I contemplated ice for a couple of minutes and then became wide awake as I thought, "I can go downstairs and knit!!!" So I did. I've played around with it most of the day.


organized chaos said...

My first day knitting looked exactly like that. Actually, my current knitting project looks very similiar to that. We'll have to get together and knit sometime. Welcome to the club :) Even though I'm pretty horrid at it I absolutely love it. It's something about working with the yarn that just calms me.

Diane said...

Oh dear, you are in trouble! Knitting is a slippery slope... And my knitting looked just like that for days and days and days but I didn't care because the knitting bug had bit.

: )

Little Ol' Liz said...

I'm so tickled you're knitting -- welcome to the Dark Side!

Which way are you knitting -- Continental or American? If you don't know, tell me which hand you use to hold the working yarn. Perhaps we just need to get you "positioned" a little different and those stitches will line up.

Keep in mind that knitting with 100% cotton means absolutely no give to the fiber. This may be aggravating, especially if you knit tightly. Once you get a feel for it, there are oodles of freebie patterns on the net. Let me know if I can help -- I learned via the Internet and crafting programs on TV.