Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hehehehehe.....Goodies on my Porch!

As I drove up to the house this afternoon I saw a couple of small packages on my front porch. One was a box of purchased goodies that I was expecting. The other was a surprise from my sister.

The box of things I expected had four sets of the "Knitting Nancies" that I ordered.

These will be gifts for my neices, my granddaughter and me.
Here's the makeshift one I made last weekend.

The bought one looks a lot prettier, but the t.p. version sufficed when I needed it.

The other package was from my sister. We don't exchange presents, but somehow we still manage to swap crafty stuff. Either it is something crafty we made ourselves, or something we think the other could easily duplicate.

These are clay ornaments. I think she didn't make them, but I don't know the story behind them.

Getting the two packages made me a bit giddy, and a little like Santa himself had left the goodies.


Moriah said...

What a great surprise!

LDH said...

Love these clay ornaments and their beautiful colors!