Thursday, November 26, 2009

Santa's Clay Workshop

After a Thanksgiving afternoon tryptophan haze, I drank a giant cup of coffee to wake me back up. And wake me up it did.

I decided to pull out the clay and go into production.

These acorns and gingerbread men will become ornaments or gift tags.

Our family loves all things crab. I am hoping that these crab shaped pieces will become trivets. They're a bit thick, so they might not work. We'll see. I'd like to pass them out at our family Christmas party.


SCB said...

I love your clay work, especially the acorns. Don't know why, particularly, but I am very fond of acorns. I hope your family like them at Christmas; I haven't got myself into gear yet - too much else going on, and it's hard to think all things Yule when it's 30 degrees outside, the sun is shining and there are parrots flying around! Sara x

perilloparodies said...

Oh, Jan, what fun!! I love your acorns and the leafy crab!!! so creative. actually, the acorns would also be great for cookie making!!! thanks for the idea. Yay!!! Hope you are well. sorry I have not been around much on the blog. craziness...