Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miss Tee's Wild Ride

Hi there.......My apologies for not being around much lately. I've had company which was a good thing. And I've had allergies which have been a not so good thing. (@#$%^&* ragweed.)

This snip is of my granddaughter riding a bike. She and her Mom flew cross country to stay in Virginia for a week. "Miss Tee" was very worried that there would not be a bike for her at my exceedingly bikey house, so my friend, Blink, loaned me one.

Watching her ride was amazing! How on earth that bike ever stayed upright, I'll never know. She would ride with the bike at a 45 degree angle and stay upright. She'd turn her head plumb backwards to look at something, and not fall over. Girls just got balance I guess.

She and Papa rode several times on the beautiful new bike trail near our house. When she rode on the dirt path in the little hills that lead to the trail she would yell, "Look Papa! I'm mountain biking!" It warmed our little bikey hearts.


Tara said...

Great snip! Love that. Sounds like some great memories were made.
Hope the allergies clear up soon. I battled them all summer. No fun! Had to start taking Singular. Very expensive! ARGH!

June said...

Wow. It warms my bikey heart too. What beautiful, fun art!

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

Sweet. I love how your grandaughter's bike is tilted. This is the same with my little ones, and I am standing back going.. oh no! oh no!

Cindy/random-charm said...

Aww. How fun! My boy manages to ride his bike at that angle too, with training wheels on! I keep thinking we'll never be able to take training wheels off but maybe we should and just see what happens? Glad to see you back.

jackie said...

I saw this earlier in the week, and tried to comment -but couldn't get my computer to cooperate.
What a great snip - and oh, I remember those days when bike riding with the boys was kind of terrifying for me. It seemed like they never payed attention, and they would drift back and forth right in front of my wheels. Or like you said look backward, and not be paying attention to the parked car right in front of them. Yea, this is where the gray hairs start.
Such sweetness - your mountain biking granddaughter!!

Diana said...

Gosh how sweet - she would have been so proud to bike with her expert bikey peeps. Brought a big smile to my bikey heart as well.I'm helping teach my 6 year old niece to ride a bike without training wheels. It's proving quite a wild ride as her lazy legs haven't quite got the idea that they need to keep moving to keep the bike upright. We have bitten the dust (or grass) many times.