Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pysanky Rule #784

Pysanky Rule #784

Always work on soft surfaces.

The front of this red egg looks nice. The back did too until it fell on the metal dying tray. I'm still hoping that after I remove the insides of the egg, I can repair the damage. (It cracked badly enough to lose a flake of shell, but the membrane around the yolk is still intact.)

Pysanky questions answered....

In "comments," someone asked how you're supposed to deal with the yolk. Evidently, some people drain the egg beforehand; some after; and some leave the yolk intact and let it dry out (hoping to not break it in the next couple of years as it will create a nasty stink.)

Did I find the egg that I set aside as I was waiting for it to achieve room temperature? Uhhh...I'm not sure. One of that group of eggs went splat on the floor. I'm hoping that that is the one that accounts for the "missing" egg. Argh.


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Those are awesome! Great job.

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