Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The IRS gives teachers a 200-some dollar deduction each year for classroom purchases. Most teachers I know spend waaaaaaaaaaay more than that. $200 is kind of laughable, but don't get me wrong; I'm thankful they allow even that much.

I went thrift store shopping for my classroom today, which I find tremendously fun to do. No kidding. I've been planning this cross town trip for a couple of weeks.

These are the great buys I got:

Pop-up books. GOOD ones. When kids finish their artwork early, they make a beeline for pop-up books...

...and these. Where's Waldo kind of books.

My coworkers and I trade all kinds of self made dvds and cds. I found a box of paper sleeves for them. Much better than putting discs in taped up copy paper or manila envelopes.

I found both this book on trolls and this Edvard Grieg cd of Peer Gynt. They weren't meant to be together, so it was just a teeny bit of serendipity. (The story of Peer Gynt includes a visit with trolls.) I always play cds during work time, and I think the kids will love this one.

Then I found a couple of things just for me. I always look for tiny frames, and so I was happy to find four of them in this little bag for cheap.

...and then something for traveling with my Granddaughter in a few days. Travel Bingo.

All this, and another cd I left in the truck, for around $13.

If I had bought the school part of this full price, it would have used up most of that IRS deductable. It makes me feel like I hit the jackpot somehow to get this much for so little.


Susan Tuttle said...

What great finds -- we love Where's Waldo books in our family!

Happy Spring Jan!


So blessed! said...

Great finds! I know what you mean about spending lots on your classroom. Have prolly spent a small fortune over the past 23 years.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great finds! Keep an eye out for Joan Steiner's Lookalike books--the kids in your classroom will love them. Well, so will you!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I must get some waldo books I have seen them in our local book shop, they look fasinating...
Fantastic purchases well done you!

X Alex

SCB said...

Wow Jan, what great stuff! I love thrift shops too (although Coffs Harbour is not blessed in that department). I'm waiting until next month's annual Rotary Club second-hand book fair to find some treasures. Meanwhile I hope your students enjoy your creative shopping, Sara x

jackie said...

Awesome!! I love thrifting and your finds are wonderful. Your school should treasure you!
I got the coolest old umbrella thrifting the other day!

Angela said...

oh we hear ya - my husband is a high school teacher and he spends far more than the tax amount and gets such a piddly allowance from the district - when i hit the thrift stores for homeschool and craft supplies, he's looking for math manipulatives and educational board games for his classroom!

ZenCrafter said...

I'm living vicariously through your thrifting! I've been on a self-imposed restricted budget for the last two months, so I haven't spent anything other than on food and on one DVD and one book. Yay, me. But I can't wait for all the spring yard sales that will be coming up--I wonder if I can just look and not buy? Maybe I'll play a game where I have to discover two items to pair up, like you did with the Peer Gynt CD and the troll book.

I read an article in Time magazine (I think) about all the re-use centers that are popping up, spurred in large part by the recession. Some are specifically for teacher supplies. Do you have anything like that around where you live?