Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best Clothing Design EVER

Alone in the house, I wear my bike jerseys to remind myself I will have to actually fit in this stuff way too soon.

I just discovered this on the sides of my jersey. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I wish all my clothes had little expanders on the sides. I rather doubt these will ever be zipped in the "down" position again.

Back to work.........


southerninspiration said...

Gotta love elastic and gussets, right? Haha...funny post. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I do hope you'll come back again.
Looked down at the eggs and those are really cool!!!


Oh, yea, the AARP invite came last year to hubby first...so, ahem, I'm a member because of HIM!! ;)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Bike jerseys!
If I wore one of those the save the whale guys would turn up and try to roll me back ito the sea!

"Beached whale over here.... get the hose pipe, dampen her down!"

x alex

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Jeez me in a bike jersey = not good! However those little panels are genius.