Saturday, February 7, 2009

Printin' and Singin'

Beware. I am singing in this video. And the "song" might get stuck in your head. I make up songs for my preschoolers that help them remember small concepts.

Note, the first person singing the tune in the video isn't me. I'm just joining in.

My preschoolers are doing their second printing lesson with me and I am trying to get them to remember that a print is a copy.

To do this lesson you need this:

and this:

I got the idea from The Crafty Crow blog who got it from the Daisy Yellow blog. The kids loved it and left the room singing.


So blessed! said...

So cute. My sister taught me that technique in her art class she did at our church last summer. I felt like a preschooler some days during those lessons. Learning art techniques can sure make you look at things through different eyes. It is so cool!

Chan Bliss said...

This project looks like fun, now if I can just download the song to my Ipod.

Jackie said...

I don't need to download the song, it's stuck in my head - lol.
You are swell!