Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Brain on NPR


In a conversation with someone this week, I mentioned that I enjoyed listening to NPR podcasts. When she said, "Oh, brainwashing," I was a little taken aback. Generally, I don't get my political news from NPR though I have no aversion it. (I'm sure the lady would have been horrified to know that I get more news from AirAmerica and Slate than NPR.)

But I do adore NPR. In honor of all the brainwashing I DO get from NPR, here are links to my absolute favorite NPR podcasts.

NPR: Driveway Moments

NPR: Education Podcast

NPR: Fresh Air

NPR: Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me

*M told me that this snip was "very scary, Dear."

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1 comment:

jackie said...

I listen to NPR all the time - Fresh Air being one of my favorite. Also Weekend Edition, A Prarie Home Companion, and the Click and Clack sometimes.