Sunday, February 22, 2009

Line, Lovely Line

My new favorite (free) drawing site online.

I've played with it for only a few minutes, but have fallen in love with the delicacy of line you may achieve. And there are lots of tools that I haven't begun to play with yet. Thanks, Jen, for the link!

Did I mention that I probably will be buying a drawing tablet for the computer this week? My brother is going to let me take a test drive of one that should arrive on my doorstop tomorrow. I'll be giving it a try at the "One Motion" site, for sure.


jackie said...

Jan - you impress me with all of your techie knowledge and your willingness to jump right in there and try new things! Video lesson plans, and computer drawing pads - amazing! I'm also impressed by your dedication to your students and your teaching!

So blessed! said...

How cool. I will have to check that out!

Chan Bliss said...

Nice drawing program. I'll have to try it on my smartboard. But right now I would rather stay in bed