Thursday, February 19, 2009

iMovie Notes to Self

I'm working on iMovie to make sub plans on video. I mentioned it on Twitter, and my art teacher friends are giving me tips that really open up the possibilities. They're old hats at this and I am thrilled to pick their brains.

My first computer was a Mac, but when it was time to get a new one, I was persuaded to get a PC. It was really convenient to have so many programs available as compared to the Mac at the time. My school went all PC as well, so PCs have been the tool I've used for the past ten years. I came back to Mac mostly as a way to avoid viruses, but it has just been a dream using the creative tools that Mac has to offer.

Notes to myself about my project.......

Icon_lock @School_Marm I've also used my built-in isight camera to record project directions and demonstrate clay building techniques for subs.

theresamcgeeart @School_Marm Using iMovie works so well for lesson plans! I will often break it down into "chapters" in iDVD to pace the lesson.

Please ignore this.  I have to upload this image somewhere so I can link to it on my TPT shop.  

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Unlimited said...

I LOVE this idea. I have often thought of how it would be great if I could record my lessons for sub days, so I'm glad you're on the path - you can tell us how it goes!