Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preschool Clay

Fridays are interminable. I have five different grades with five different media. The preparation and clean up for all of that is exhausting. Yesterday I had kids printing, glazing pottery, working with clay, drawing, and weaving. I remember sitting for only short periods of time, and spending lots of time hunched over the sink, washing. Last night my brain was numb and my back was tired. Most of the rest of the week, my schedule is good, and I am happy with it. Fridays are just tough.

Enough kavetching.

When I last saw my preschoolers they spent their time exploring with clay. I talked a little about clay, but mostly they played. They pinched it, smashed it, rolled it, and built with it. The idea was to get familiar with it a bit. Most kids played abstractly with the clay but there were a couple of representational pieces. When they were done, the clay went back in the clay bag with the promise that in the next class they would make something they could later keep.

Yesterday they made "elbow pots."
To make these, they pressed their elbows in the middle of a big ball of clay. Some little ones had trouble pressing hard enough into the clay, so we had to help them push. They then took texture stamps and pressed them into the clay to create designs.

These were pretty thick, so I might need an extra week to let the pots dry before firing them. After that I will let the kids glaze.

I think that these look better than the pinch pots the kindergarten and first grade make. Pinch pots are the starting points for a lot of other clay pieces though, so I will continue to teach that.


Chan Bliss said...

I think that no matter what Fridays are tough. Especially the last class on Friday. The kids are ready to go, I am ready to go and the classroom teacher has been using the carrot of art all day to get the kids through the day. So they come to my class all excited about the end of the week, beginning of the weekend and art. A hat trick of excitement. Last year I had 5th grade during that time it was awful. This year I have 1st they are just smaller but still very excited. So I think that we should just not have classes on Friday, but then come to think Mondays not so great either so get rid of Monday. But then Tuesday would be the new Monday and Thursday would be the new Friday.
All in favor of a 1 day work week! I better go out and get my lottery ticket;)

Little Ol' Liz said...

Hey! Crafty Crow featured this blogger's craft -- I can so see pinch pots used for tealight candles -- now that nobody needs an ashtray (does that show my age?)