Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Crashers

This is my mantle.

Every year it is filled with pretty little Christmas goodies. These are the tiny nutcrackers I bought last year.

Sweet, sweet little creatures.

This angel is one of the stocking hangers. Sweet little cherub.

All on the mantle is sweetness and light..........until the malevolent elf shows up. And he shows up EVERY Christmas season.

Yes, that is a nekkit lady standing next to my bike riding Santa.

Did I put her there??? NO! But I know that she will show up every Christmas. She and her naughty man friend just appear unannounced.

I have fuzzed out his "holiday spirit" in this photo, but believe me, it is sitting right out there in all its glory.

Over the years they have appeared in my little Victorian village, my little log cabin, and (forgive me, but I didn't do it) watching over the little baby in the manger. They don't get to stay out in public very long, as usually as soon as I see them, I hide them. (One year, while hiding these hideous creatures from their rightful owner, I dropped the man and broke off his manhood. Luckily, I was able to restore it with good old Sculpey and craft paint.)

Lest you think we have lots of creepy things in our home, this is about the creepiest thing. They were a gift to M from family friends in Portugal. Evidently, these hideous things are common over there.

Anyway, today was the day of their appearing.


The Science Goddess said...

I love your stocking hangar!

As for your, um, intruders...I don't know quite what to say. All should be welcomed during the holidays, right?

Chan Bliss said...

Those Christmas decorations would be a big hit north of here at Paradise Lakes.

Jackie said...

That is the funniest thing ever. I mean about you knocking his goods off - actually the whole scenario is funny and yes all should be welcomed even nekkid elves!