Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snowmen Snip - 3D

I must be longing for a bit of snow, as snow images keep surfacing in my snips.

It was well below freezing this morning, much colder than it normally is this time of year in Northern Virginia. We rode the mountain bikes on a nearby trail. I didn't feel up to par for it. My lungs felt as though they just couldn't fully expand. Then there's the part about freezing toes and freezing fingers. Sometimes I'd just as soon enjoy the winter from the inside of "Snippyville", the little art space in my house.

To create this snip I hand sewed three sheets of paper together and folded them in half. I used "Dippety Dye" paper, which is stronger than tissue paper, but not by a lot. Cutting through six layers of this was relatively easy however.

I didn't invent 3D scherenschnitte, by the way. I've seen it around as long as I've been snipping. (That'd be about 25 years now.)


Lori said...


Stéphanie M. said...

Oh! your 3D papercuts are beautiful, i love the music, too. i'm happy to discover your work, see you soon ! A bientot...amitiés,
Stéphanie M

Jackie said...

That one is flipping brilliant and set to music makes it even more fun!!

Jackie said...

Oh, meant to tell you I am not a cold weather gal either. I prefer to ride the exercise bike and read a book at the same time when the temperature dips!