Monday, October 20, 2008

ATCs and Art Club

This is the gorgeous Artist Trading Card that I got in the mail today. A wire gazelle by MaryLClayPainting. I adore this ATC!

It's been an ATC kind of day. I introduced the idea of Artist Trading Cards during Art Club today and the kids ate the idea up. They did line drawings and photo montage.

The next time I may introduce some fiber work. If I show them the wire ATC from Mary, I know they'll want to give that a try.

They wanted to trade today also, but I want them to try a few more ideas before they trade.

This ATC makes me giggle. It looks like an ad for adult beverages. The images came from National Geographic though, so "wildlife" was probably referring to real animal type wildlife.


Unlimited said...

I love the creativity they display. Hooray for art club!

perilloparodies said...

Such fun that you are getting the kids involved!!! Are you just having them trade between each other? Catmac from Flickr has her kids involved doing ATCs. did you notice that? and there is a site for ATC trades for kids, too, i think. you have to check her sets to see where she has her kid's stuff and in which different places they are posted... So many possiblities. I also got a wire ATC from Mary and it is ONE of my most absolute favorites!!! Nice one!

Maija said...

What a great idea for the kids!!
I found another paper snipper that I think you would enjoy looking at-it's very cool!