Monday, September 29, 2008

The Song of Songs

My long time blogger friend, Jackie, at the blog Smoothpebble, put out a challenge called, "The Illuminated Phrase." (The link will take you to the Flickr group for this challenge.)

The parameters of this challenge were wide open. Basically, you can use any media, but somehow you must use words in the piece.

Since I was also challenged by my Italian blogger friend, Celita, to create an artist trading card illustrating "stress", I decided to combine the two challenges.

Thumbing through a book of poetry, I came upon "The Song of Songs," from the Bible. Immediately I thought of Celita. She is a young mother and a woman of strong faith. Instead of illustrating how I deal with stress, as the challenge directed, I imagined how Celita dealt with stress. Painted on top of the poem, I painted a woman sowing her troubles to the wind, or lifting her troubles to the Lord.

The poem is seen by some as an erotic poem of a woman written to her husband. Others see the poem as an allegory written by the Lord to the children of Israel. Either way, Celita has a devout love of both her faith and her family. This piece is an illustration of that devotion.


Jackie said...

I always find your pieces and ideas so intriguing. Such a beautiful idea potrayed here. And a beautiful testament to Celita and her faith!

perilloparodies said...

Oh, Jan, you have brought me to tears... it is absolutely Gorgeous. I am amazed at your insight and your talent. I am humbled that you have seen faith in me, joy, hope, or anything else because I KNOW that anything good that is in me, well, it is NOT me but God who is patiently guiding me, growing me, stretching me to do BETTER. What a journey it has been so far! I praise God, that He has been answering my prayers that He shine through my failings, that I can be an encouragement somehow to another, that He helps me so i can daily let go of what hinders me from following after Him fully. It is not an easy journey this one called FAITH, but It is so fun of wonderful things, of a relationship with God who loves us far more than we can imagine, who wants to be our Friend and all that we need... Maybe it is not easy, but I cannot, I will not let go of Him. He is not my crutch but rather my motivation to keep breathing, keep loving, keep on every moment of every day...

Thank you, Jan, for thinking of me... What a special gift this "visual thought" is... thank you.

ZenCrafter said...


woolladyfelter said...

WHat a wonderful and thoughtful piece. You really have a wonderful eye.