Monday, September 22, 2008


Once again, I'm getting around to cleaning off my photo disk. Here's just a sampling of the media my kids have worked with in the past week. (And this isn't all of it.) One day last week, I had one class working on laptops; the next class worked with chalk; the next painted with brushes; the next one painted with rolling tools; and the last one drew with markers and felt tipped pens. It takes a lot of energy to prepare all of this....clean up after all of this....put away after all of this....grade after all of this......return or hang up the artwork after all of this.

Is it any wonder that my work spaces at home never get the same treatment? I guess I rebel against myself at home.


mayaluna said...

You put so much into your classes! What lucky students...wish you were my children's teacher so much!! Are you rebelling in your personal art space? I'd just be too plain exhausted!

Susan Tuttle said...

Amazing classes! I can't believe what you drew out of these children -- gorgeous!

Hope you are well friend!


Things Hand Made said...

Fantastic paintings, you really have a talent of bringing out a talent in others.

perilloparodies said...

OOH, AHHH!! Those kids did a gorgeous job on their art pieces. I am impressed and wishing i could hang some of them on my wall, too... hope those parents are appreciative! I would be! :-)