Monday, September 1, 2008

I Want to Be Sedated

Last week I underwent a "procedure." (Okay, it was a colonoscopy.) It was exactly as everyone described it. The prep was heinous. The procedure was a non-event......except for the sedation.

I have never had my tonsils out nor my wisdom teeth removed, so the normal reasons people get sedated have escaped my personal experience. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVED being sedated and have caught myself daydreaming about it. Unlike the experience shown in movies, where the anesthesiologist puts the mask on your face and you slowly fade to black, I went from talking to the doctor to waking up in recovery in less than a blink of an eye. I remember opening my eyes in recovery wondering where the last hour went. And the sleep? Oh my gosh, it was deeper than deep. It was an abyss. Did I dream? Did the doctor play heavy metal music and do some head banging in the OR? Did aliens land and give me a probe? I have no idea. It was how I imagine time travel might be. I just jumped ahead an hour. AWESOME experience!

P.S. When it is your turn to have this procedure, OPT OUT for the lemon lime flavored prep drink. ........gag. Oh, and don't accidentally swallow your chewing gum during your fasting day. (Yes, I did that.)


ZenCrafter said...

I guess wanting to be sedated is much different than NEEDING to be sedated (my day today).

I'm all for prescription-med bliss, but you can actually get that same feeling from Svaroopa "yoga therapy." (Not an ad, I promise). I had insomnia at the time I was doing the yoga therapy, and it was the closest thing to total relaxation/sleep that I had experienced in a LONG time.

mayaluna said...

So sorry for the awful prep...I've helped someone through it, and it didn't seem pleasant...not one bit! I'd love a little sedation now and then...just to feel that deep sleep feeling. Zencrafter , you got a good giggle out of me:)

Jackie said...

Want need hmmmmm aren't they the same thing sometimes! I had surgery on my wrist once, and it was lovely except coming out of it and feeling woozy. Hope you passed your colonoscopy!