Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frequent Flier

I got tired of my architecture series of snips, so I treated myself to an evening of snipping fairies and flowers. This fairy represents a little girl who was in "time out" today.

This afternoon, a whole class of first graders had to be put on notice about their behavior. Most classes got into shape quickly this year and now require little maintenance in this regard. This class, however, seems to need a bit more structure.

One friend in that class is a cute, cute, cute little girl, who visits time out so often she is practically a frequent flier. Of my hundreds of students, there are probably only three or four little ones who could qualify as such. Not "bad" kids. Just "busy." This little girl must have adolescent siblings at home as evidenced by the fact that when she gets sent to time out, she lays on the sarcasm. She thanks me profusely for enabling her to sit to the sidelines while everyone else is doing art. This is a six year old. Have mercy. I need to have a heart to heart with this little one about the sarcasm. It probably isn't a wise move on her part. I think she is a kid I could really enjoy getting to know, but has taken on some unfortunate habits.


Someone asked in a comment the other day about whether I snip with scissors or use an X-Acto knife. I use both. In larger spaces I tend to prefer scissors. Tiny details are often done with the X-Acto knife. Overall, I like the scissors better. They cut more precisely. X-Acto blades have a relatively short life. They become dull all too soon and do nasty things to my paper. They just can reach into spaces that my scissors cannot.


vfg said...

thank you :)

scb said...

Oh sweetie, I saw your Twitter snip about AIG... I've been reading about it over here. Locally we just had a big investment company collapse and lots of people in the town are affected. I feel for you (and have my own fingers crossed! I don't have any retirement funds!). Sara x

mayaluna said...

I'm fascinated by your six year old time-out fairy...quite sophisticated. Lovely snip and thanks for the insight in how you create your magic!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh my LOL at the sarcy 1st grader. Pop over to me in the morning to have a laugh at Pre-K!

Beautiful artwork btw

Jackie said...

Please don't stop sharing your stories of school. They always bring a smile to my face. And I admire your loving heart to see beyond the bad behavior!