Sunday, August 10, 2008


Another weekend at Rob's river house on the Potomac. Paddling, fishing, celebrating, trashing my diet beyond all belief.

This snip is of me as I hunt for sharks' teeth. (I found 52 in my secret spot yesterday.) I can bend over and pick up three or four sharks' teeth at a time and not even move an inch. After snipping it I thought that it looked like someone going to the bathroom. When I showed it to Mark it said that it looked like someone going to the bathroom too. Unfortunately, this is how I really look at my secret spot.

These are the Artist Trading Cards that I received in an art teacher ATC swap.

Mary Biekmann, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

"Filatelia #5 Friendship," Samantha Melvin

"My Summer Vacation," Patti Siegel, St. Louis, Mo.

"Art is My Life," Cheryl Miehl

I get so excited getting these little works of art in the mail.

Playing. Getting goodies in the mail. It was a great weekend, but it ended all too soon.


perilloparodies said...

you got a giggle out of me... You could also be looking at something in the water... you got some great treasure ATC's there... just lovely... i love it too, and get little-girl excited waiting for them, or when i find one i really like and would like to trade for. so fun... and nice to get to know other people,too.

scb said...

Wow, how come you find sharks teeth there? I'm hoping you can tell me without giving away the secret location. Must admit I didn't notice the toilet aspect of the snip until you pointed it out!! Looks like you had lots of fun, Sara x

Jackie said...

Maybe you are multi-tasking at your secret treasure spot...:)
And man, between the sharks teeth and the atcs you have a lot of treasure. Me thinks you are secretly a pirate aaarrgg!

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

"going to the bathroom" make me smile. Too funny!
La Donna

ZenCrafter said...

pirate jan, I granted you a Brillante Weblog award. Check out my blog for the details:

Visty said...

I didn't see it that way, you going to the bathroom. Everyone knows women have to squat more than THAT. Or else it would be all over the place. :)