Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arcimboldo in Kindergarten

Using ideas from the book, Beautiful Stuff, by early childhood art goddess, Cathy Topal, the kindergarteners created self portraits today. As an inspiration, the kids discussed the vegetable face paintings of Arcimboldo.

Then they went about collecting recycled "junk" with which to create their work. (Actually, I told them that the blue trays were the shopping carts and we were going to buy this special junk at the classroom K-Mart. No great educational value to the K-Mart reference, but it sure was fun driving the carts around the room.)

The students arranged the junk pieces around a circular paper that was the face. The directions were to make a self portrait which included eyes, nose, face, hair, ears and mouth. After arranging the face in a way that pleased them, they had to draw that face on another sheet of paper.

We looked at all of the drawings when they were done and there were lots of giggles and applause for each other.


organized chaos said...

love the kmart reference! what a fabulous lesson. i wish i could have been there to watch them dive into it!

ZenCrafter said...

My eyebrows look like bowtie pasta, too!

Great lesson, and I love seeing how involved the kids are in the project!

splatypus said...

FUN! I hope my kiddos get to play. They will love it.

Jackie said...

Don't know which I like more the drawings or the applause and giggles! And I vote for you as Teacher of the Year!!

mayaluna said...

Can I be in your class!!!? This looks great and I bet you all loved shopping for your faces together!