Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fish Stitch

Here's my latest Artist Trading Card. I participated in a swap for a group on Flickr called "Stitched By Hand." The theme was "nautical."
It took me for freaking ever to do this even though it is only 2.5" x 3.5". I never felt as though it knocked my socks off and that's why I kept working on it...and working on it some more. I agonized over what to do for a good while before I even started. At one point I even started a different one with a different idea. When, after spending more time on it than I anticipated, it fell in my morning bowl of oatmeal, I saw it as a sign from the gods to finish this one.
One more weekday of summer vacation. = (


Doodlebug said...

I like! I like! The colors are great, and I love that crazy stitch for the seaweed.

perilloparodies said...

So Cool!!! love the colors and just plain FUN!!!! I have been debating some ideas for a collage ATC... we will see.

Ayama-chan said...

I have been lusting over your fish over at the ATC Flickr group. That ATC and your comments over at Smoothpebble, motivated me to click on over. Silly me I could have been having a good read for months. Will be back.

sexy said...

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