Monday, July 28, 2008

Bike Polygamy

Indulge me. My new bike is here. = )

I have to qualify this by saying that in most of my life, I am frugal. Nay, cheap. I find great joy in pinching pennies. But I do like bikes, and some of those pennies that I have pinched get spent on them.

Though I don't often assign human traits to inanimate objects, my new bike makes me feel a bit like a polygamist.

My new love........ cyclocross bike.....

In blue, of course.

Isn't she beautiful??? She's for the trails that aren't paved. Rocky, rooty, mucky, but not to the level of mountain biking. Good thing. How could I get this girl dirty?

Her sister wife. My road bike. I adore this bike. Out on the paved trail, this bike makes me feel like Superwoman. I can fly on this one.

And here's the boss lady. My mountain bike. Riding this one is like going to an amusement park. She's quite the thrill ride going over the humps and bumps in the woods.
Okay, that's it. Thanks for the indulgence.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well I can hardly point fingers after all the handbags!

Very nice, we all have our 'thing' - love the colour

perilloparodies said...

Yay!!! Finally. an official congrats sent your way! :-)

Jackie said...

Ahhh the bike! She's a beauty!! Your garage looks like ours we have 10 bikes in our garage!