Monday, July 7, 2008

Animoto Love!

I found a link to through an art teacher's tags. It is a fun site for animating your photos. I love PhotoStory, but this is just a bit fancier. Now sure, PhotoStory is provided for me for free by my school system, and is sure to be my default photo animation tool, but I can see myself paying to use Animoto once in a while.

Here's a short animation of some of my fairy snips. Animoto lets you do a 30 second animation for free. They even let you choose to use their music or upload your own.


Jackie said...

Holy Moly Cow! You are the most computer cool person I know - well maybe second to Marshall!

Maija said...

So cool Jan! I think I saw my fairy snippet ATC!?!?

woolladyfelter said...

That was so cool. Nice going.