Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wasting Away Again in Snippyville

Today was my last day at school for the 2007-08 school year. While I was listening to a required online training video for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination this morning, I snipped this Artist's Trading Card. (Evidently, I put more of my attention into the snipping than I did the training video. I failed a couple of the questions on the quiz and had the pleasure of watching those sections of the video again.)

When my colleagues asked the obligatory, "Are you going anywhere this summer?", I had no exotic answer. I will be going on a backpacking trip to West Virginia soon, which I am excited about, but we do that all the time. Mostly, I will be spending time downstairs in Snippyville.


mayaluna said...

The exotic art that comes out of Snippyville makes me want to come for a vacation there! Congratulations on the beginning of your summer break!

Susan Tuttle said...

Your talents for these are amazing!

So funny that you mentioned me doing a B&B - hubbie and I considered it once, and than I realized I'd be cleaning toilets and the idea quickly dissolved - lol.