Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Writing Workshop

I attended my last Writing Workshop for the current crop of second graders. They compared their very first writings of the year with their current work. The difference is amazing, and the kids enjoyed seeing how far they've come. They wrote thoughtful comparisons.

These were some of the more entertaining comments:

"Now I spell write." (okay.........)

"I now use periods" (no period included)

The classroom teacher also showed me an all time great dedication in one of the kids' published pieces: "This book is defecated to Ms. M......."

I love second grade writing. Even the bad pieces are entertaining.


Jackie said...

I want to defecate this comment to you......thanks for sharing the funny things in your day!

Ogma.Crow said...

Hey! These look like some of the writing samples I received from my Freshman students at the University level. :-D *ahem* Seriously.