Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tiny Texture

I'm still playing around with the Artist Trading Cards. It's more of an impetice do some snipping as anything else. I did the crooked man from the nursery rhyme again, trying to add more tiny texture. The dancing fairies were an attempt to do tiny detail as well.

When I finished the fairy one, I had to trim the mat board on which it was attached. When I decided I had botched the trimming, and was going to remove the snip from the board, I discovered that I had smushed all up the top border of the snip. So, off with it's head, so to speak. I just removed the top border....and only cursed a wee tiny bit.


Maija said...

ALL of your ATC's are so amazing!!!

perilloparodies said...

I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but what are Artist Trading Cards, and what is the purpose for them? looks like you have been having fun clipping away. I am thinkin on a new cut that i will start on tomorrow. eeee! excited. well, have a great day. and happy almost end of the school year. summer vacation is on its way!!!

ogma.crow said...

It's GORGEOUS (even without the top border).

I found your blog through flickr...wanted to see what else you do and to say hi. Cheers!