Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Wheels

Guess what! My new wheels arrived Thursday evening!!!

No. Not THOSE wheels.

These wheels:

I've been wanting a set of these babies for a while now. 20" Scotts Classic Reel Mower. I would think about getting one of these every now and then, but figured they were not worth the money to buy one. I didn't know they'd improved these since I was a kid. A few weeks ago, while driving down my street, I saw an elderly woman pushing one. It put a spark behind the idea to get one.

Our 3/4 acre lot is not the ideal lot for one of these. From what I read, they work best on those lawns that look like golf course greens. Our yard has roots and holes, weeds, and every type of grass you can imagine. But with a little elbow grease, and by putting the mower handle under my fleshy upper torso parts and rib cage, I did just fine. (I may have odd bruises in strange places tomorrow.) The back yard actually wasn't too hard.

I figure that since I love being outside, and actually love finding things to do that double as exercise, this will provide me with pleasure.....not fun pleasure......but pleasure none-the-less.


scb said...

I like your wheels!

Maija said...

You are very green- sounds like a lot of work though!

mayaluna said...

Love your "new wheels"! Can't wait to hear the review. I got an old one at a sale and had the blades sharpened. It never worked as well as I hoped...yours looks like an absolute dream. Love the slant of your mower's body in the paper cut...perfect!

perilloparodies said...

how very cool! reminded me immediately of my dad, but actually my mom spends more time mowing the lawn now. enjoy your new toy and the exercise that comes with it! very nice... i could use one of those...