Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gifts That a Mother Could Love

It's been a yarn-fest in the art room this quarter. From first attempts at stitchery up to tapestry weaving, the kiddies have been busy. Many of the pieces went home last week, so I'm sure many of them were given to Moms today.

Kindergartener's' First Stitchery

Third Grade Weavings
Fifth Grade Tapestry
Second Grade Animal Stitchery


Susan Tuttle said...

You are the coolest art teacher Jan! Your students are so lucky to have you!


Visty said...

Wow, this is just unbelievable. Our school has no art teacher, and the art seems to stop at second grade. To me, this is the stuff of real education, a door to everything else. I think I will try some of these with my kids over the summer.

Anonymous said...

I discover your universe. Children are very lucky to have a teacher like you... It is lovely !