Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bike Lust

When you come to my home, don't expect to see designer fabrics or well appointed decor. Don't expect to see much that hasn't been "well loved" to the point of being slip covered. The automobiles in the driveway are far from new and are sans bells and whistles. We're frugal and happy to be that way.
Except in the bike department. That's where you'll find the "well appointed" features along with the bells and whistles. We do like some nice bike-age.
Today we drove out to Plum Grove in Leesburg and got measured for our new bikes. Independent Fabrications customs. Woo hoo!! These will be the bikes we will do the 340 mile ride in the fall, from Pittsburg to Georgetown to our doorstep. And hopefully, at some point take them on a cross country trip.
Mark's is a Planet X, I.F. bike. Mine will probably be Planet X as well. I hadn't planned on getting a custom bike, but being so short, I am hard to fit. And if we are going to do really long distance trips, I want to have something that fits me perfectly.
And it is, of course, blue, like all my other bikes....and my truck....and most every garment in my closet. month.
Thank you, Commonwealth of Virginia, for my anticipated National Boards stipend. And belated, happy birthday to me.


perilloparodies said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Enjoy your new toy! And God bless you today and in this coming year...

Jackie said...

Oh you lucky, lucky woman! A custom bike! I'm hoping you stash a small journal in your bike bag so you can jot notes and tell us all about your trip!