Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ants at a Picnic

Teaching 5 year olds to weave is one of the most challenging lessons I have to teach all year. Some kids have great difficulty in recognizing the alternating pattern. I'm scheduled to teach it around Thanksgiving, but I never do. I try to give them a few more months of development before I give it a whirl. Kindergarten weaving is not a favorite lesson that I teach.

So, to lessen the pain of weaving, I have them make picnic lunches to go on their "tablecloths." You would not believe how much fun kids have making pretend food out of paper.

Since they are studying insects in kindergarten, I was going to have them draw ants too. I forgot in this particular class. = ( But the kids are forgiving and I told them they could add the ants at home.

I have one of those coughs and headache combos that make me wonder if I should be pulling out all my sub folders for tomorrow.......

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