Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quiet Snipitude

Mark and I have been down "south" the last few days. Our friend, Rob, graciously let us vacation at his river house on the Potomac. We had some rain, but it was no where near the amount we anticipated. No phone. No internet. A lot of time to play. I got a lot of paper snipping time in. I couldn't ask for a better vacation activity than quiet snip-i-tude.

The paper cutting above is of my daughter and granddaughter. They have established a garden in their previously barren L.A. backyard, and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. It's interesting to watch this happen, as my daughter has never been interested in such things up to this point. Now she is obsessed. Yea!

My second favorite snippery of the vacation is this one. Fairies shopping. I'm not a shopper but the idea of fairies doing the mundane is kind of interesting to me.

Shoe fairies. I'm not into shoes either. I wear "broken in" Birkenstocks. Maybe this image is a subconscious wish that the shoe fairies would turn my comfy footwear into something more fetching.

Paddling. I thought I should snip something that represented my other activity of the week.

Fairies on leaves. I think they were too small in this cut, and get lost amidst the foilage.
Intersession and spring break end within hours. I enjoyed my break, and would honestly relish another week off to play. It will be fun to see the kids again, though. It's so funny how much they appear to grow over each break time away.


Jackie said...

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite from your time off snipping. They are all wonderful! I really like the kayak one, and the one of your daughter and grandaughter. It sounds like you had some good time off and are refreshed and ready to jump back in. Happy Spring!

Diane said...

I love these! Especially your daughter and granddaughter, so sweet.

melinda said...

fairies shopping! what a hoot, really love them! how about mermaids doing laundry?...

scb said...

Sounds like you had a great break!