Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kindergarten Stitchery

Imagine teaching 20 five year olds to simultaneously thread needles.

And then simultaneously tie knots.

At each end of the yarn.

And then simultaneously stitch.

For the first time.

And then repeating that three times for an hour each one day.

I wish I drank.


P.S. It only gets better. In the middle of my last kindergarten stitchery lesson, we had a fire drill. Yippee! Thankfully, the wonderful special ed. teacher across the hall pitched in....the special ed IA was great as always....the regular IA was great as always....and their substitute joined us as well. Hallelujah!


BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL Yes I can WELL imagine, checkout my Pre-K day today! Somehow they always make it all worthwhile though :-)

elle said...

hahaha. i did that once. my mom taught an art class. 5 kids broke their needles. and a large number poked themselves.

they could all make knots though. but not in the conventional way.

jackie said...

Well I know you are not going to turn to "Little Debbie"! You are one brave woman!

splatypus said...

Oh my... OH MY... you are brave.