Friday, April 11, 2008

A Giggle a Minute, My Job

What a wonderful evening. Perfect weather. Daylight still at 7:51. Nothing left on my "to do" list.

I planned on doing a snipping that represented my week, however, one of the most recurring themes of the last few days has been connected to the "inappropriate drawing incident" that occurred in my my absence.... The thought of snipping and then posting visuals of that one is just too far into the weird zone.

I noticed the "evidence" of that lesson in their teacher's mailbox, so I pulled it out and had a look. I have to admit that the ringleader's drawing of.....a potty experience.....was the most creative drawing of ....a potty experience....that I had ever seen. No kidding. The angle of observation was quite unlike any potty drawing I have ever seen. If I had been present when this occurred I probably would have put on my sad/disappointed teacher face, yet have been giggling on the inside....and searching for my digital camera.

One of Papa Mark's favorite of my "classroom stories" involves first graders also. As a time filler at the end of class, I had the little ones draw Mona Lisa, but they had to draw her dressed up as someone else. At some point a little fellow tattled that his friend was drawing "Mona Lisa peeing." When confronted, the accused was quick to note that the tattler had been drawing Mona Lisa peeing as well. It's fun to watch kids as they realize the pitfalls of tattling on their partners in crime.

Heck, I remember in fifth grade, as we were watching the most boring science show possible on black and white tv, my friend and I were doodling somewhat risque pictures. When my friend's gaze went from my face to about 3 feet above my head, I sensed a great looming presence. I looked in my teacher's eyes, and she in mine. She didn't say a word and then just walked away. My tender heart was probably crushed from the humiliation. Thank goodness my teacher didn't bring down tremendous wrath upon my head. No one can beat me up better than I can.

The photo in this post was done a couple of years ago by a second grader. They drew pictures of themselves and a friend based on "American Gothic" by Grant Wood. This fellow apparently had nasal issues that day.


Blink said...

I love the colors here. I am also wondering about how the subjects are feeling. Person on the right has quite an expression. It's a great cross between a sophisticated work of art and the work of a kid.

Chan Bliss said...

Oh, I had to laugh out loud at this post. Thanks!

Jackie said...

My inner 12 year old boy is getting so many giggles out of these last two posts. Thank goodness your teacher didn't have a digital camera and a blog when you were in school - or your blogging career might have started a whole lot earlier in your life. :)

steviewren said...

Oh so funny. My daughter teaches special ed children. I love to hear her stories about them. Kids are so funny, maddening, and unpredictable aren't they.