Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I read something yesterday that said it is boring to blog about blogging. So, my apologies.......

I have conversations daily about blogs, whether it is with blogger friends, blogger coworkers, or friends who read my blog. Blogging is one of the best things I have gotten into in a while. It has gotten me creating some kind of art most days of the week, when it is easier not to. It has made me reflect more on my life, art and teaching. It has helped me to stay in touch with folks that I don't connect with otherwise.

My thinking about this was triggered this afternoon when returning a key to another teacher's room. I do not teach her students and her classroom is far away from mine. And though we are located on the same hallway, I rarely see her. We were chit chatting about how hot our classrooms were and how our students were handling it. She mentioned, "Oh, and you had kindergarten classes today." I looked at her quizically. "How did you know that, J?" "I read it in your blog." And then she laughed. "I know a lot about you from your blog." Wow! (And boy does she have an amazing memory........)

I also know about what's going on all around my school via blog. I know about the goings on in the "cottages," the kindergarten wing, and upstairs on my hallway. Sometimes it helps me not only understand the teacher better, but it helps me to understand their students better. Some children I now teach with more empathy and understanding than I did previously.

And then there are the people I now consider friends who are not teachers. They're friendly folks who share the same interests, values, or senses of humor. It seems so funny to tell PapaMark about things my "blogger friends" have written about and refer to that person as a friend. I probably will never meet these folks, but I am very glad to have them as part of my life.

So Mr. S and Jenny O., thank you for introducing this world to me. It has enriched my days.


steviewren said...

I second what you just said about blogging. I started out as a blog stalker. I knew so much about some folks I was embarrassed to admit it. I introduced my DIL and my daughter to it and they jumped right into the blogosphere. They kept encouraging me until finally I gave it a try. Even though I thought I had nothing to say I have found that I am quite the blabber mouth.

Jackie said...

Very nicely said Jan! It's interesting that you personally know so many bloggers. I feel like the lone ranger here, and then it feels a little strange that none of my friends here really even know that I'm doing this (except for Melinda/mypurplecrayon). And while it's true that I'll probably never really meet most of these new friends, I'm secretly hoping that at some point I do. Anyway - Happy BloggyBlogBlog!

splatypus said...

Well put. These blogs of ours are professional diaries with dashes of personal humor/triumph/disasters thrown in. I'm not sure these "conversations" would ever be possible on hellos in the hallway or a chat over the copier. I read your blog each day, and even though I only physcially see you about once a week I feel as though we've been chatting everyday after work. Not to mention my entries often give you warning of what is to come on your Wednesday afternoons! Keep snipping away!