Saturday, March 1, 2008

Please Tell Me I'm Not Divine

I've noticed that on the crafts blogs I read, there are no homely portraits of the authors. All these women are drop dead gorgeous.

Contemplating my own blog portrait, I've been reminded of how I've been described throughout my life. You know, when people compare you to folks they know or famous people you resemble. I don't want to post my own photo, but maybe I can use photos of those similar looking folks.

When I was in first grade, a lady on my Mom's bowling team told me that I looked like one of the Campbell's Soup Kids. Hmm....I guess that I can see the resemblance, but I didn't really WANT to look like a Campbell's Kid.


When I was younger and slimmer, my Sister-in-Law told me that I reminded her of the girl in Animal House.

That one was okay.

In the past five years, co-workers have told me that they have been reminded of me by not too dissimilar fairy type folks.

Lady Luck of the Virginia Lottery...........and this character......

When they've told me these things, I didn't think to ask how these images reminded them of me. I think it is more of a wacky persona thing than actual looks. So, I guess I can kind of see that. I am wacky for sure.
As long as they aren't reminded of me by this:
I never have asked PapaMark for his opinion on this sort of thing. As a late forty something year old man, he knows better than to answer anyway.
I ought to Photoshop all those pictures together and just create an avitar.
Minus the one of Divine.


Silly Corn said...

I think the girl from Animal House looks like you the most. I can see the big personality, but for looks I'd go with her.

Diane said...

Oh, I like the idea of melding them all... and yeah, how come everyone is so lovely? With sunshine pouring in their windows? Why? My avatar is... my house. I never really thought much about that until I read your post here. YIKES. How housewifely of me. Thanks for bringing THAT thought to the fore! You know, I've noticed that people often have their shoes represent themselves. You could try that... have any good shoes? ; )

Sarah said...

OMG LOL at Divine, that would NOT be good! I would love to see a melding of all these though!

Jackie said...

This cracks me up, because I have thought the same thing. These beautiful bloggers, that look so wholesome and gorgeous and always wearing some great handmade skirt or top or apron, with beautific children creating some lovely bit of art. Then I look in the mirror and see that I'm still in my jammies and there are stains on the carpet and the wrapper from some tacky preprocessed food on the coffee table which we've had for 15 years and it's not Scandinavian nor did it come from IKEA. I can only dream of that other life!

scb said...

Ooh yes, one of the things you don't think of when you start a blog... how to present yourself! My photo was taken several years ago and gets used again and again because it manages to make me look as if I'm doing something serious and worthy AND I didn't have to look straight at the camera and do one of those cheesy smiles! If the blogosphere really is populated by talented beautiful people I'm going to start feeling like I'm back at school again...