Sunday, March 2, 2008

Francine's Boys

The papercuts for my sister's friend, Francine, are done. My sis just has to tell me if she wants the book background or white paper. Then, they're off in the mail.

Tonight is my last evening alone. PapaMark has been in Vail skiing with the boys for the past week. (That's why I've had so many blog posts this week. This has been part of my entertainment.) I've enjoyed having control of the remote and fixing peculiar things for dinner, but I am pretty bored and lonely by now. It will be nice having Mark home again.


Angela said...

Oh my. I'm in complete awe. These are absolutely beautiful!

Mike G. said...

Those are fantastic!

And you've captured my adventurous nephews very well :)

Mike G.
(Francine's brother)

Francine said...

I just received these as my birthday present and I can't tell you how much I LOVE them! They are so wonderful. You are extremely talented. Thank you!