Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Behavior and Math, cont'd

My blog friend, Jackie, says that I need an intervention for my math anxiety more than for having a messy classroom. hehehehe...... This is true.

Before I got a job teaching art, I taught fifth and sixth grades in private school for five years. I taught two hours of math a day (including pre-algebra) , and I LOVED it. For me, if you don't use math, you lose it. And I lost it with a vengeance. You'd have thought that all those math pathways in the brain would have been paved solidly after five years, two hours a day, but nope.


Jackie said...

Okay, teaching math and tax work - two different things. I'm sure it's a conspiracy of those idiots who make decisions that make us miserable. The tax stuff is mind bogglingly complicated. After all these are the same people who decided to make daylight savings occur earlier in the year. I rest my case!

Tim Budden said...

I enjoy reading about your trials and tribulations of being an artist / teacher. I was a teacher once but gave it up for the pursuit of art (and other things). Interestingly I got heavily into paper cutting but using a traditional Chinese silk. Check out my work on my blog and my website ( Great to know that there are committed paper cutters around.

Susan Tuttle said...

I think that is true with all things we are good at - but I also think it comes back really quickly once we dive in again.

I am so happy you like your cards!


kitty stitch said...

maybe your mathmatical mind is what makes your snipping so good!