Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Showers and Interventions

ART WORK DU JOUR. Gift card for a gift card. I felt cheesy giving my teacher friend an impersonal store credit gift card for her baby shower, so I added a handmade card to go with it. Not such a horrible trade-off, I think. I put in the time, but didn't have to endure the retail world for long.

PROBLEM DU JOUR. I just cannot manage to get all the little stuff done at school that I need to do. i.e. CLEANING MY ROOM. ORGANIZING. I always do the big stuff at work. I'm rarely, if ever, late doing what I need to do. But all the piddly stuff.......YUCK! It just never seems to get done. I'm afraid that one day, one of those reality shows where they visit cluttered, nasty homes of mentally ill hoarders, will show up at my classroom door, with cleaning products and rubber gloves. Maybe a shovel and garbage bags too.

SOLUTION DU JOUR. My home is not that way. I'm accountable to PapaMark there. At work, it's just me and the kids...and they don't complain. Maybe I need to involve my hallway neighbors. Maybe they need to give me an intervention.

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Jackie said...

I really like the handmade card, so sweet and so personal. And thank goodness you have messes, it's just way to hard to be perfect in every area.