Friday, February 22, 2008

Outlook for Today

Outlook for today? Crafty with out of control multitasking. Note the camcorder, laptop, paper cutting supplies, popcorn and soda. It's 8 a.m. and I am set up in the "studio" for the day. It's a "snow day" off from school, minus the snow. (Note the view out of my window. It's actually pretty icey out there.)

I envy the photos of home that all of the other craft blogs show. Their photos are all warm and cozy and filled with quilts. I should probably take more time to arrange the photos of my studio to make it look presentable.....even though it rarely ever is. Even so, it is pure heaven to me.

I'm actually in the middle of reading blogs. One I read, "Skinny LaMinx," ( asked the question, "What do you see from your bed in the morning?" I think the original blog entry was about fung shui or something. This is my view:

Not a bad view for the 'burbs.


kitty stitch said...

I think your studio looks so comforting, especially the view with the trees, I can just imagine daydreaming out of that!! I like your paper cut and the placement of it in a book.

Diane said...

A snow day with no snow! How great! Your view looks very nice. I notice that other people's homes (in blogland) are always full of sunshine. Sunshine just pouring in... but yours looks warm and cozy with the dark outside.

Rosa said...

Gawd, you should see my desk and "office." It barely has a walk way to the desk! Ooof! I am blind as a bat without my glasses, so I will have to say the only thing I can see when I wake up is my kitty's face up against mine. Good luck with your new camcorder!