Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Buns

This is my bakery. The business card is from the Best Buns Bread Company here in Northern Virginia. I had other photos of my bakery, but in my zeal to photograph it, I didn't notice the big glob of white glue running down the inside of the building. This one missed out on the globbage.

I loved the way this card was printed. When you look through the front window of the bakery, you see all the baked goods they produce. Fun. It would have only been better if they were tiny graphics.

Here's a photo with scale. I think I need to get a new scale reference. My eraser is looking "tired."


Flea said...

I was just popping through random blogs when I found you. :) I love your tiny houses and your snippety work.

Susan Tuttle said...

Wow - I scrolled down and saw the scale photo - I am in awe of this teeny tiny creation. You are so talented.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Julie_c said...

Oh my goodness- it's so teeny. I love it!

smoothpebble said...

So this is what you are doing when you should be doing laundry - it is very cool.

Diane said...

Forget the laundry! Your little houses are so very cute!